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Jun 07, 2011 · However, metastatic cancer in the shoulder joint is difficult to diagnosis. We experienced a case in which a 46-year-old female patient complained of left shoulder pain and limited joint mobility, and these symptoms were due to metastatic breast cancer in the shoulder.Cited by: 2. Renee Bravo discovered a lump during a breast self-exam and had been experiencing severe back pain. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer on April 27, 2007. Renee lived each day with hope until her passing on January 25, 2011. Watch Renee's inspirational story to learn how she continued to smile amidst her Stage 4 breast cancer. We.

Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Rosen on breast cancer metastasis to shoulder: You have a known breast ca? Any other mets? Typically, one would expect mets to bone before abdomen. If pathology on both sites is the same then probably mets. If not, possible second primary (like ovary). Good luck. for topic: Breast Cancer Metastasis To Shoulder. Jun 16, 2015 · I have been in severe pain for the past four weeks at a 9 - 9 1/2 on the pain scale, every moment of every day and night. I just have a question does breast cancer hurt? My pain is under my left shoulder blade, radiating into my left breast, and it is going down my arm to my elbow.

My mom is an 11+ year survivor of stage 3 breast cancer and is now waiting for a biopsy and bone scan because a CT that was ordered for shoulder pain came back showing a few different lesions that appear to be bone mets and 1 lung nodule. Metastases to the breast from non-mammary primary tumors are uncommon and account for 0.5-2.0% of all breast malignancies. Clinical presentation Metastases do not tend to cause retraction of the skin or nipple. Metastatic lesions are much more.