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The photographs at times suggest the silhouette of a statue of the Virgin Mary but the images are usually subject to varying interpretations, and critics suggest that they may just be due to various visual effects of unknown origin. However, such image-like appearances are hardly ever reported for . Blessed Virgin of the Convent and Woodland, Ozegna, Italy. In 1623, a deaf-mute teenage boy named Giovanni Petro was making hay in the countryside when he was privileged to see the Blessed Mother appear to him. Afterward, he completely regained his speech, and the site became a small but sacred place of pilgrimage.

A Marian apparition is a reported supernatural appearance by the Blessed Virgin Mary.The figure is often named after the town where it is reported, or on the sobriquet given to Mary on the occasion of the apparition.. Marian apparitions sometimes are reported to recur at . Dec 24, 2010 · A Mary statue at the location of diocese-validated sightings. Credit Darren Hauck for The New York Times “We need the Virgin Mary’s protection, and for her to keep an eye on our soldiers, too Author: ERIK ECKHOLM.

Two miles down the road from the sanctuary of St. Joseph in Cotignac, France, where he appeared in 1660, his spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary also appeared in a similar way, but for a different. On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Bishop David Ricken of the diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, officially approved Marian apparitions at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, Wisconsin. The three appearances by the Blessed Virgin Mary in October 1859 constitute the first approved Marian apparition anywhere in the United States.