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The following year, 1906, Cobb became the Tigers' full-time center fielder and hit.316 in 98 games, setting a record for the highest batting average (minimum 310 plate appearances) for a 19-year-old (later bested by Mel Ott's.322 average in 124 games for the 1928 Batting average.367. None of them, we imagine. That's right, you read that correctly and we'll say it again for emphasis: Ty Cobb once beat up a man with no hands. Above: The eyes of a madman. Said man, named Claude Lueker who had lost one hand and three fingers of his other in an industrial accident was giving Cobb a hard time from the stands.

That was Ty Cobb, the greatest ball player who ever lived." Upset by a magazine writer's (Alvin Stump) bitter presentation of Cobb's last days, Baker wanted to go on record that "there wasn't a mean bone in Ty's body." Cobb had a fiery temper, sure. And there was that overpowering urge to win that brought him into violent contact with opponents and. The Tragic Death of Ty Cobb’s Father** “COME AT ONCE. YOUR FATHER DEAD IN SHOOTING ACCIDENT. HURRY.” – Telegram sent to Ty Cobb by Joe Cunningham, a long-time hometown friend. “There goes the best man I ever knew.” –Ty Cobb, speaking of the shooting death of his father.

Due to his vast impact on the game, there are many "experts" out there on baseball forums and websites who will either deny or confirm that Ty Cobb is the best player to have ever graced the sport. 20-year-old baseball nerds will argue for weeks about the merits and detriments of Ty Cobb . Apr 15, 2011 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.