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Swimming provides both youth and adults with a means for physical activity and recreation throughout life. According to a study presented at the Athens Pre-Olympic Congress in 2004, when an adult doesn't learn to swim at an early age, he often develops a fear of swimming that can make learning to swim later in life a challenge. I truly believe swimmers are not born, but are made (excluding Michael Phelps and his insane body, of course). If you got past childhood without learning how to swim, it’s very possible that you’re now stricken with fear/embarrassment at the prospect. That makes perfect sense; it’s really hard to learn things as adults that for children require basically no work (like learning new Author: Kate Dries.

3. Get in the pool as much as you can - I have to say this is actually somewhat of a challenge for an adult. There are a lot of open swim times and opportunities for children to participate in swimming and learning to swim but, especially if you are a single guy in his mid-30’s it isn’t the easiest thing to find open lap lanes to practice. We understand the unique needs of the adult beginning swimmer. We customize our Adult Learn to Swim programs for each swimmer. Whether you are excited about learning the basics or are overcoming a fear of the water, our expert adult instructors will design a program that helps you reach your goals. We put technology to work for you.

Jul 23, 2019 · Even for the fittest athletes, learning to swim as an adult can be a challenge. For example, Exavier Watson is extremely fit by most accounts. A competitive runner with a 4:57 mile to his name, he has completed numerous half marathons and other road races, often placing high in the rankings. He is a black belt in karate, and works out up to. Whether it is one of the above reasons or another, there are plenty of people in the United States who want to learn how to swim as an adult. This guide from Bionix Health at Home will address some common obstacles and give encouragement for overcoming them as an adult.